Inspired by the life of Edward James, british poet and patron of the surrealists and his obsession with orchids. Edward, an enthusiastic collector of these flowers, travelled all over South America to find the next extraordinary specimen. He collected thousands of orchids, which he loved like his children. One winter snow fell in Mexico, the first in many years. All his flowers died. Edward was devastated and promised himself that he would never again cultivate orchids, but instead build a garden of concrete flowers, which will live forever. For 20 years, with the help of local craftsmen he built his dream – the stunning Las Pozas. A garden in the middle of the jungle, full of strange constructions, platforms, stairs to nowhere – it resembles a crazy mixture of a gothic cathedral with Aladdin’s castle.

In this work I wanted to portray the narcotic and overwhelming aspect of nature, embodied by orchids. I believe that these flowers have the ability to hypnotize the viewer. Was Edward himself hypnotized by orchids?

100 x 83 cm, ed. 10 + 5 AP, 2013, mixed media, pigment print on archival paper