EXHIBITION: Serra Dei Giardini, Venice

I am very happy that I was invited to the international project Natural Recall, which explores the connection of man and nature in the field of art. Several artists were invited to create works depicting their intimate relationship with nature. The project debuted in the beautiful XIXth century glasshouse Serra Dei Giardini in Venice. Afterward the exhibition travelled to different cities in Italy, but not only. Also the “Natural Recall” book was published, with works of artists from 42 countries and their personal texts. The book reveals the artists’ memories, sources of inspiration and dreams connected to the natural world.

You can find the artists’ texts from the “Natural Recall” book on the project’s page: http://www.naturalrecall.org, a ja serdecznie Was zapraszam do rzucenia okiem na mój wpis tu: http://www.naturalrecall.org/bozka-rydlewska/